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A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T


Bev Quinn lives and works in Toronto.

My artistic journey has always come from the heart and reflects my life’s passions and surroundings.


Following early studies in watercolour, mixed media, and colour theory at OCAD and Toronto School of Art, I dedicated studio time to the long process of finding my own creative path.


In recent years, I’ve been painting large abstracts in acrylic on canvas. In these abstracts, the paint is layered and scraped in sweeping gestures while embracing the physicality of applying paint to canvas. I’m inspired to create large textured images, which include personal impressions of stones, rocks, sky, and water created from a vision or a memory of nature.


I try to convey feelings evoked by the impact of these experiences on my own senses, and to capture what I feel is their essence.

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